Fender Bender Attorney Explains How to File an Accident Report Online

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Wondering how to file an accident report online in Colorado? While there is a legal obligation to provide notice of the location of a collision and other required information to the responsible police authority, if it’s a relatively minor car collision or fender bender, the police may tell you to simply file a report online. If this is the case, you can file an accident report online after the fact in the state of Colorado. However, it’s important to note, if you file an accident report online as opposed to an officer responding to the scene and preparing a report, there will NOT be an official police report on file, the crash will not be investigated, and neither of the drivers will be issued a ticket.

This said if, for whatever reason, you’re in a car collision or fender bender and the police do not respond to the scene and prepare a report, it is still beneficial to file an online police report to document the incident. , especially if you decide to pursue legal action later.

Using the Term “Accident”

When discussing how to file an accident report online, it’s important to define the meaning behind the word accident. Many personal injury lawyers avoid using the term “accident” entirely when discussing auto collisions. That’s because most “accidents” are entirely avoidable and are in fact the result of a person’s decision to ignore safety rules, drive recklessly, or otherwise negligently operate a motor vehicle. In these circumstances, there is an at-fault party who is responsible for the harm they cause. For example, when looking at cases of distracted driving, intoxicated driving, or reckless driving, you are not dealing with an accident.

How to File an Accident Report Online: Calling the Police

If you get into a car crash on a public street or highway and you’re injured, think you might be injured, or notice damage to one of the vehicles, you’re required to contact the responsible police authority to report the incident. A police officer should come to the scene and get information from both parties to file. This is the best way to ensure the incident is properly documented and important evidence is preserved.

Of course, not all minor car crashes are the same. Sometimes there is no apparent property damage or injury. Sometimes the other driver drives away before you can call the police. It is also common for the police to inform the involved parties that an officer is unable to respond and to instruct the parties to file a report online. In any of these circumstances, an online accident report is the best way to ensure the essential facts are documented.

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How a Fender Bender Attorney Can Help

So, how can a fender bender attorney help? Sometimes what starts out looking like a fender bender can develop into much more. Less visible damage may appear, or you may notice an injury that resulted from the incident after the fact (this is more common that people think, since adrenaline may mask pain from an injury in the moment). This is when a fender bender attorney can come in and provide legal expertise on how to proceed.

One of the first steps a fender bender attorney will take when starting to investigate your claim is to request a copy of the police report or accident report. If the police did respond and create a police report, any findings of fault will be persuasive when dealing with the at fault driver’s insurance company. If, for whatever reason, the police do not respond to the scene and create a police report, having submitted an online accident report will be helpful as an account of your side of an incident, so in the case the other party takes legal action, you have an accurate report of what happened..

Step-By-Step: How to File an Accident Report Online in Colorado

If you’re wondering exactly how to file an accident report online in the state of Colorado, the process is simple. Get step-by-step instructions for how to file an accident report online below:

  1. Provide Driver Information
  2. Visit the DMV Website
  3. Assess Eligibility
  4. Provide Vehicle and Crash Information
  5. Request a Copy
  6. Understand Next Steps

1. Provide Driver Information

Regardless of the rush you’re in or how minor a crash is, you’re legally required to exchange information with the other driver. Failure to do so can result in you getting reported for a hit and run. Provide your name, phone number, and insurance information. The other driver must provide the same information to you. If they leave before you can get that information, or refuse to interact with you, note their vehicle’s make, model, and license plate number.

2. Visit the DMV Website

Once you get to a computer and are ready to file an accident report, visit the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles website at:

Click “file an accident report online” and follow the prompts.

3. Assess Eligibility

Read the criteria for eligibility to file an online accident report and see if your car collision qualifies for an online accident report (in certain circumstances, you will be required to contact the police authority responsible for the location where the car crash occurred).

4. Provide Vehicle and Crash Information

If eligible, provide the requested information (a general description of when, where, and how the car crash occurred including your name, address, and information concerning the other driver). Provide any additional locations that may be relevant to the incident. You should then select if there was an accident alert, if the damage is estimated below $1,000, and whether or not it took place on private property.

5. Request a Copy

When you complete the form, you have the option to request a copy of the report. You should request a copy to keep in your files. If the police arrived and prepared a police report, a Colorado personal injury attorney can take care of ordering a certified copy of the report.

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6. Understand Next Steps

When you file an accident report online, you are documenting the incident. In the event you end up experiencing delayed onset symptoms and choose to pursue personal injury claims the accident report may prove to be important as memories and recollections fade.  If nothing new comes of the incident, and no apparent damage or injury occurs, the accident report simply stays on file. However, if you begin to experience medical issues as a result of the accident (once the adrenaline from a car collision wears off, it is very common for people to begin to notice that they are indeed injured and need to seek medical attention), you may need to reference the report. Medical bills for ongoing treatment can quickly add up. If you have been in a car collision or fender bender it’s important to contact a Colorado fender bender attorney to make sure you’re being treated fairly by the insurance company.

How to File Accident Report Online in Colorado

Ultimately, if you’re not sure what to do at the scene of a car collision, the best option is to call the local police and request a police officer come to the scene. This ensures that a police report containing all the necessary information is created.

If, for whatever reason, the police do not respond to the scene of the car collision, you should file an accident report online through the DMV’s website.

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